Posted by Sara Young

Mary handled my divorce with great skill and finesse. I would hire her again in a minute. She definitely makes the process and easy and pain free as possible

Amazing, personalized service

Posted by Amanda

Ms. Mendez helped me win primary physical custody of my son along with very favorable child support and an un-intrusive visitation schedule. I was extremely impressed with her prompt responses to my questions and concerns, making me feel comfortable with the entire process. She did a phenomenal job negotiating in my best interests, especially considering how challenging and unreasonable my former spouse was acting. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, especially active duty military, looking for a fantastic custody/divorce lawyer!


Posted by April Meade

Upfront, honest, trustworthy, caring and totally worth every cent! Not to mention her wonderful and devoted staff.

Amazing divorce attorney!

Posted by anonymous

Mary is the perfect divorce attorney! She’s a bulldog when she needs to be, but her emphasis is always FASTER negotiation through peaceful tactics and doing what’s best for the children. She’s very good at handling complicated financial and other details, and very responsive. Mary is also cost-conscious, encouraging me to use a free mediator when I had the option but always available for back-up advice. My ex-husband’s attorney cost him three times what Mary charged! Most important, I left with a settlement that gave me financial security and peace of mind – and I owe that to Mary.


Excellent Lawyer In Divorce Case

Posted by Darlene

What I liked about Mary Commander was that she knew exactly what I was talking about almost before I said it. She has that much experience with divorce situations and people. She knew what to expect from court and was able to prepare me for it. More than that, I knew that she cared what happened to me and I knew that she would be honest with me, even if I did not want to hear some of it. You need that when you are going through a divorce.

Logical and Sound Advice, Cares about a Just Outcome

Posted by Sarah

I reached out to Ms. Mendez about a legal issue. She listened carefully to the information I had and gave logical advice. After speaking with her I felt confident moving forward with her recommendations. Her overall knowledge of how the judges come to their decisions quieted my fears. Her advice actually helped me avoid court. Attorneys are sometimes known for trying to make court battles longer to rack up the fees, but Ms. Mendez was more concerned with justice and a fair outcome for all involved. I highly recommend her to others.