Our Philosophy

Founded in 1981, Commander Law offers clients the benefit of vast experience, knowledge of the courts and judges and the ability to assess, advise and obtain your goals. We are a Family Law firm serving Hampton Roads, including Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Isle of Wight and York County.

Based on this, we believe that for the sake of the client and the family that efforts should be made to settle all family law cases. This should involve direct meetings between the parties, mediation with a neutral third party or the assistance of family law attorneys. As judges will tell you, court intervention should be your last resort in most cases. At your initial consultation with our office, this will be explained further to you. It does not mean that we do not want to handle your case. Instead, it means that we are looking out for your best interests, both personally and financially.

If settlement efforts fail, then court may be your only option. Commander Law is experienced in all aspects of litigation and will vigorously pursue your goals at trial.

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