Posted by Elizabeth

I have experience with Mary through the legal profession in the court system, and I have know of her and known her for nearly two years. And although I have always held her in high regard, my opinions about her skyrocketed when I had occasion to engage her as counsel for my own legal matter. I cannot say enough about her responsiveness, her sensitivity, her attention to detail, her incisiveness, her preparedness and her legal acumen. But even beyond these essential qualities, there is such a wonderful sense of goodness about Mary. She is generous with her time, she is generous with her energy and her effort. She is KIND. She has a wonderful heart (AND a terrific sense of humor!) She and all her staff reflect all of these things as well. If I were an attorney, I would model my practice upon what Mary and her group represent. Wonderful, wonderful. So thankful!

Posted by Jullian Bishop

Attorney Commander and her entire staff were outstanding. I went 10 years without any cooperation from my ex-spouse regarding her divorce decree responsibilities. Attorney Commander resolved my issue in less than 2 months. She and her legal staff are responsive and on point… As a retired military officer, it was very important to me to have someone represent my interests who understands my perspective and pays attention to detail. Attorney Commander is not only a superior advocate, she and her staff provided me with top advice when decisions had to be made… Finally, I would like to add that I live in another part of the U.S., but needed local representation in the Tidewater area. Attorney Commander and her staff were always accessible and responsive to my questions throughout the entire process, even though I literally live in another time zone. Five Stars are not enough to express the work they did for me. These folks are top-notch. As a military man, I would never go into a battle without the best. If you have to go into a legal fight, you have the best with Commander Law – period.

Posted by Jay Scott

Went through first a drawn out, emotional divorce and subsequently a child custody battle a few years ago. Ms. Commander not only skillfully navigated me through the divorce process, but allowed me to negotiate for custody of both my daughters. Her paralegal Abby was great at making me feel comfortable with her very personal touch, making a difficult situation seem as though I had a genuine connection and support. Ms. Commander didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear (as I can be very overbearing) but gave me situations/scenarios to make my own informed decisions. She was always straightforward and honest with me. I had a great experience with Mary Commander and all her staff.

(Not just because I won……..)

Posted by Sara Young

Mary handled my divorce with great skill and finesse. I would hire her again in a minute. She definitely makes the process and easy and pain free as possible

Posted by April Meade

Upfront, honest, trustworthy, caring and totally worth every cent! Not to mention her wonderful and devoted staff.

Amazing divorce attorney!

Posted by anonymous

Mary is the perfect divorce attorney! She’s a bulldog when she needs to be, but her emphasis is always FASTER negotiation through peaceful tactics and doing what’s best for the children. She’s very good at handling complicated financial and other details, and very responsive. Mary is also cost-conscious, encouraging me to use a free mediator when I had the option but always available for back-up advice. My ex-husband’s attorney cost him three times what Mary charged! Most important, I left with a settlement that gave me financial security and peace of mind – and I owe that to Mary.

Excellent Lawyer In Divorce Case

Posted by Darlene

What I liked about Mary Commander was that she knew exactly what I was talking about almost before I said it. She has that much experience with divorce situations and people. She knew what to expect from court and was able to prepare me for it. More than that, I knew that she cared what happened to me and I knew that she would be honest with me, even if I did not want to hear some of it. You need that when you are going through a divorce.