What is mediation?

Mediation is a highly effective process in which the mediator is a neutral person who helps parties in dispute reach an agreement.

What are the advantages of mediation over litigation?

Cost is greatly reduced. Time is greatly reduced. Emotional wear and tear is also reduced. Satisfaction is increased. You walk away with something you have agreed to instead of rolling the dice with a judge who does not know you.

Courts encourage parties to try to resolve issues between themselves first. Experienced attorneys also recommend this.

How do I schedule a mediation session?

Both parties should schedule a time to come in together. The mediator cannot meet with one party alone. There is a full explanation of how the process will work prior to the beginning of the initial session.

Who should I use as a mediator?

You should look for a mediator who is certified by the Virginia Supreme Court. Mary Commander is certified as a mediator. She also trains other mediators in the Supreme Court approved certification classes on issues relating to divorce process and family law in Virginia.